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Services Plus: Company Values Safety First

As part of the evolution into what Services Plus, Inc. is today and, in an effort to build a future that we all positively contribute to, our team has spent a great deal of time working out what we value most. As a leader in the specialty paper converting industry, we’re proud of the work we’ve put into determining what matters most to our employees and to our customers, and from this teamwork come our Company Values.

At the top of our list of Services Plus, Inc.’s six (6) core Company Values, you’ll find the safety of our employees, since our team’s wellbeing is our main internal focus.


Safety is the first priority at Services Plus. Our employees deserve to have a safe work environment. We believe that every safety incident is preventable through proactive measures. In order to make sure we’re all focusing on the safety of one another and of our processes, we’ve come up with four (4) areas of focus built around safety: 


Reporting Unsafe Conditions Our team is trained to report unsafe conditions they see in or around the workplace. We encourage all employees to promptly report any unsafe conditions they encounter.

Addressing Concerns Any identified unsafe conditions or concerns are promptly addressed and resolved accordingly to ensure a safe working environment.

Expectation of Safe Choices

We expect all of our coworkers to prioritize safety in their own actions and decision-making processes. We expect our team members to think before they act, to consider the safety of not only themselves but others around them, and to avoid “short-cuts” that may decrease any level of safety. 

Link Between Safety and Housekeeping

We recognize the correlation between safety performance and housekeeping standards. Therefore, we maintain cleanliness and orderliness to promote safety throughout our facilities.


We couldn’t be the thriving business we are today without our employees making safe decisions and reporting all safety concerns. We value all of the members of the Services Plus team!


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