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We manufacture difficult-to-produce or smaller volume consumer tissue products. Our purpose is to enhance your brand. We have existing capabilities, equipment, and assets that are ready to start when you are.

Services Plus, Inc., does not have our own brand and we never will. We refuse to compete with our customers. Thier success is our success.

As part of our business model, we operate and maintain several customer-owned assets inside of our facility.

Problem-solving leads to capability. Bring us your problem and we'll solve it!

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities


  • Facial Tissue

  • Medical Exam Table Liners

  • Dental Bibs

  • Much more - just ask

Services Plus, Inc. Contract Manufacturing Services

We produce retail-ready multi-packs and displays of our customers' brands. 

Our customers are really good at producing great brands in mass; we help them produce customized packages to meet the needs of their retailers/consumers.

We can scale to meet demand spikes, running overflow volume that our customers can't handle, in order to help our customers capitalize on additional revenue.

We produce quickly, since we know that our customers' revenue depends on having products on the shelf or in their distribution center.

Specialty Packaging Services

Services Plus, Inc. Specialty Packaging Services

  • Flow Wrapping

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Poly Bagging

  • Much more - just ask


We work with you to develop manufacturing and packaging processes that get your product ideas to consumers quickly. 

We dramatically reduce your risk of capital investment – you understand market acceptance before investing.  

We operate discreetly, never having a breach of confidentiality in the history of our company.

We won’t steal your Intellectual Property like offshore product developers have done.

Why You Should Trust Us with Your Innovations & Improvements:

We take on your product development. Our customers rely on us to get their new product ideas to shelf, so they can see how their market acceopts new offerings before investing large capital. 

We use technology to persue continuous improvement and to prototype new ideas. Our collaborative robots eliminate safety and ergonomic issues for our employees, while reducing labor cost. 

Services Plus, Inc., also uses 3D printing technology to design prototypes and custom machine parts in our design process, giving us unlimited ideation capabilities and shortened lead times.

Outsourced Innovation & Improvement


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