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How Does Contract Manufacturing Work?

How does contract manufacturing work? Contract manufacturing and contract or specialty packaging are processes in which one company hires another to manufacture products on their behalf.

As a paper converting company, Services Plus handles the contract manufacturing of facial tissue,medical products, and other industrial productsWe specialize in helping our customers manufacture hard-to-produce and smaller volume products. While we can’t tell you who our clients are, for confidentiality reasons, or what brands we manufacture under contract, we can tell you how the contract manufacturing process works at Services Plus, Inc.

First, we work with our customers to come up with an agreement that includes all the pertinent information needed to manufacture their paper product, such as product specifications, quantity, and timeframe.

We take the time to ensure our customers feel good about how we’ll take care of their products. We strive to maintain the highest quality and inventory control standards, and use good communication to ensure our customers can trust us to bring their product to market. Because Services Plus, Inc. has no products or brands of our own, we value our customers’ trust in us above all. We only win if our customers win – their success is our success.  We’re happy to produce for great brands you know and love.  

Once agreements are in place and both parties are ready to move forward, our experienced purchasing team works to source appropriate raw material which, in the case of Services Plus, is often paper, boxes, and film. Our facility is located in a prime area for paper production: Green Bay, Wisconsin; a city long known for its paper mills and industry. We have the advantage of proximity to many suppliers of raw paper products.

Our customer’s product is then manufactured and packaged in our facility, under tight Quality Assurance standards. We’re able to produce quickly and able to help our customers tackle even the most challenging situations, including customized packaging, multi-packs, and displays for retail. We do all we can to help our customers capitalize on the additional revenue that they stand to gain by using our facility and processes to get their products to market quickly.   

Once we’ve completed the customer’s contract manufacturing order, we ship the finished product out to distribution centers or straight to store shelves. Though we can’t name the brands we work with, we’re sure you’ve had a product made at Services Plus, Inc. in your house, office, hotel room, or doctor’s office.

If you have questions regarding our Contract Manufacturing or Specialty Packaging services, please contact us at

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