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What Kind of Specialty (Contract) Packaging Does Services Plus, Inc. Handle?

What we refer to as “specialty packaging” is also known as “contract packaging” and refers to the practice of a manufacturer hiring another party to package or assemble their finished products. This term is used in many industries and not only in consumer tissue, but that’s where Services Plus, Inc.’s focus lies. Our customers rely on us, as a contract manufacturing and specialty packaging partner, to help bring their products to market faster, run their overflow volume, and scale their business.

Our customers make great products in 24 count cases.  Consumers don’t often buy in this quantity, so we repackage the products in sizes consumers prefer, enabling our customers to get their product to market.  We assist our customers with specialty packaging of their consumer tissue products, such as facial tissue and bath tissue, and we help tissue paper manufacturers prepare their products for redistribution from our facility to retail store shelves. We often help our customers repack or assemble their consumer tissue products into multi-packs or even create retail displays that are then shipped.

A few aspects of specialty packaging that Services Plus, Inc. can assist with are:

Multi-Packs & Single-Use Items Services Plus, Inc. can assemble – or break down – multi-packs of consumer packaged goods (CPGs). While most of our customers use this service for consumer tissue products, we also handle items bound for the medical industry and as well as consumer packaged goods, such as single-use cups and other items, for hospitality and retail sectors.  

Specialty Packaging Methods We’re able to employ a variety of packaging and wrapping method, including:

        - Shrink Wrapping   We apply a thin polymer film over the product selected and heat it to form a tight seal.         

- Poly Bagging   We can package your product in a variety of polyethylene bag sizes and styles.         

- Flow Wrapping  We also provide flow wrapping, aka pillow pouch wrapping, wrapping products in a fin- seal package. 

Our customers require us to be able to provide a variety of specialty packaging services and solutions, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know at These are our most popular packaging services but we’re capable of much more!

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