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What Does The Term "Consumer Tissue" Refer To?

What does the term “Consumer Tissue” refer to? People outside of the paper mill, paper converting, and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industries don’t typically go around referring to “consumer tissue” when they’re walking the aisles at the grocery store, club store, or pharmacy, but consumer tissue is an important part of your life that you probably only think about when it’s not there.

Consumer tissue products include items that are often single-use or disposable, such as facial tissue, bath tissue (aka toilet paper), and paper towels. Services Plus, Inc., doesn’t have our own brand of any of the products we produce and package for our clients, but we make all kind of useful items that you can be sure you’ve had in your home or made contact with at a doctor’s or dentist’s office, including:

Facial Tissue

Look around the room you’re in right now and you might see a box or package of facial tissue that came from our facility. You’ll never know, because we don’t share our customers’ names, but it’s very likely that you’ve regularly encountered facial tissue produced at our facility, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We produce and pack a variety of facial tissues in a variety of packaging, from pocket packs to cubes to traditional rectangular boxes, we process more facial tissue than any other consumer tissue product.

Medical Exam Table Paper

You know the paper that the doctor’s office uses to cover the exam table, so you can have a fresh, sanitary spot to sit or lay during your visit? Well, Services Plus, Inc. produces quite a bit of exam table paper, in fact, last year we produced nearly enough exam table paper to circle the world EIGHT TIMES. That covers a LOT of office visits!

Dental Bibs

Yep, we make the bibs they clip around your neck at the dentist’s office. You might not love visiting the dentist, but at least they keep your clothing splash-free with these handy, often water-resistant bibs.

Bath Tissue

Probably the most common consumer tissue used in the United States, we know this one is near and dear to your, ahem, heart: bath tissue, also known as toilet paper, is a critical household staple in the United States and in many other countries. Services Plus, Inc., produces specialty single-roll bath tissue products.  

Think about how all these products keep you clean, sanitary, and comfortable. Without the disposable consumer tissue paper products that paper converters produce, made from one of the world’s most renewable resources (thanks, trees!), your life might just be a little more challenging – and a lot less sanitary. 

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